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Bariatric XL Portable Shower Stall

BROS1000EWMedAme-B5000 XL Bariatric Model 46"x46"44"

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For use by individuals up to 400 lbs, or who may require a slightly reclined wheelchair whose depth does not exceed 45" Meets the needs of wheelchair users that require more space for larger size wheelchairs or special patient requirements.

The extra large XL B5000 Bariatric is designed to offer all of the features and benefits of the S2000 StandardBROS1000EW and the SS4040 Super Standard models, but gives added space to accommodate large sized wheelchairs, or even slightly tilted wheelchairs.

With the B5000, even morbidly obese individuals are able to receive a safe, effective shower, and are able to easily reach all body parts with the customized shower head assembly.

"I am a quad who lives in a mobile home. Your shower is the best thing ever. My mother sets it up in my kitchen, helps me with my shower, then puts it away so we don’t have to take up any room in my house. She loves it and so do I."
-David P.

Portable Shower Stall WarrantyThe slightly lower height, at 44”, enables care attendants better access when reaching in to the larger unit to assist with bathing.

Tthe germicide-imbedded vinyl shower curtains can either be fully enclosed for privacy, or can be left open in front to best enable care attendant access. And our portable showers have a triple layer, fiberglass-mesh imbedded waste water pan to hold up to multiple years of repeated roll in and roll out without breakdown or tearing.

No “foam fatigue” occurs with the pan design, so water spillage is NOT a problem, as can happen with unsupported foam sided drain pans. Portable Shower for folks using wider wheelchairs.

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