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Mobile Hazmat Portable Shower Stall

BROS1000EWMedAme-T4000 Tall
Hazmat Stand-up Tall Model

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For use by either able-bodied individuals or individuals with disabilities who can stand while bathing

Meets the needs of Emergency Services or HAZMAT and is wheelchair accessible.Portable Shower Stall Warranty

The T4000 Tall shower is also an ideal alternative for use in homes that need a full shower stall, but do not have room for a permanent or even semi-permanent structure.

The T4000 Tall shower, like all models, is shipped COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED, but folds flat to less than 8 inches in depth when showering is completed. BROS1000EWThis is a great alternative for cabins, basements, garages, or other locations where a shower is desired, but space is a concern.

The T4000 shower is also fully accessible, so it can be used by both the able-bodied and disabled in a family.

For emergency services and hazardous materials decontamination, time is of the essence for getting a shower facility functional. This unit can be mounted, fully assembled, on the side of a fire truck, or stored in an emergency closet for immediate use when needed. Exposure to hazardous materials especially calls for IMMEDIATE decontamination and for containment of the waste water.

ONLY FAWSsit™ portable showers enable this immediate use capability and waste water disposal system for easy bladder containment.

Portable Shower for HAZMAT on work sites.


"Hi We are Mike & Sondra Brook. I & Mike have Cerebral Palsy and for years have been scared of falling out of the tub or shower. But no more. We love our FAWSsit™ Shower. In less than 10 minutes I am in the shower by myself safely washing my body with no fear of falling. It has made such a difference in our lives. Thanks for the great gift. Anything we can do, Please Call." 

 "Hello Steve and Judy, Thank you for the fast response. The nurses that assisted me in my mothers final days were impressed with your product and requested more information. Many houses in this area do not have a full bath on the bottom floor making it difficult to get the person needing bathing upstairs. The estimate to make the 1/2 bath into a full was astronomical. Your product was a perfect solution. It worked perfectly every time I used it. Unfortunately for you I will not be needing any replacement parts because it was built too damn good! Something you don't see much of these days. I will forward the information to the nurses and will endorse your products in every way I can. You are more than welcome to use these comments for your advertising in any way you like. There is an important need for your product and I am grateful it was there for us. Thank you again Chris Atkinson"

"Judy, I wanted to drop you a line about the super standard FAWSsit™ that I picked up two days ago. Firstly, STURDY!! It made it through the transport home, the move on Wednesday, and set up perfectly Thursday. My hubby had his first *truly* accessible shower in around 4 years. I KNOW he loved it because he was in there almost an hour!! He couldn't stop singing its praises the whole while. It made me very happy to see him ecstatic, scrubbed pink and clean in a safe and dignified manner. I am sure he will be sending you his own "thank-you", but I surely needed to say thank-you as the wife of a person with a disability. So, THANK-YOU!! This has made us very happy indeed." -Dani

 "My name is Peter and I use one of your showers. I got it 5 years ago and I now think I would like to buy some new curtains. But I first have to tell you that I really don’t even need them because they are still fine, I just think I deserve a refresh. Your showers really work great, and I really like it that I can get a full hot shower without having to be moved to a bench or taken from my wheelchair to get a shower." -Peter C

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